Changing the way companies capture & tell a car’s story

Rethink Your VDP with the Car360 Virtual Car Presentation

Vehicle Imagery Reimagined

Seamlessly integrated, Car360 combines traditional car photography with interior and exterior 360° interactive imagery. Not only that, Car360 overlays all relevant data directly into the scene. Consumers can interact directly with each element of the vehicle they care about. Captured on a mobile device and viewable on any device, it’s one of the first commercially available uses of AR technology available today. Car360 has reimagined vehicle merchandising. The level of detail available to the consumer in a Car360 capture is unlike anything else the industry has available.

The Car360 App captures traditional car photos using your existing photo guides as well as interior and exterior 360° interactive imagery. The app is as easy to use on the lot as it is in a studio or with a turntable, and is available on iOS and Android devices. Using patented 3D technology, the imagery is so stable the car will seem to be on a turntable, even when it's not. For traditional photos, captured images are as good or better than your old SLR camera produced.

Image Backgrounding

Powered by the Car360 Machine-Learning Engine

Sophisticated, sleek, and scalable vehicle imaging

Inventory management and vehicle photography are challenges inherent in managing and selling large numbers of cars. Leveraging the latest developments in mixed reality, machine learning and device based imagery, only Car360 makes your inventory photography process more streamlined while improving the customer experience by orders of magnitude. Harness the power of computers and complex data integrations and let them go to work for you so you can spend more time on all of the things computers can’t do.


Device Based Imagery

Car360 believes so highly in device based imagery that we have built our entire brand around it. Every vehicle photo across our site is taken on a mobile device. If we think phone camera images are of high enough quality for your customers, they are good enough for ours. In fact, in many settings, they are even better than traditional DSLR imagery. In side by side tests, several large automotive brands have discovered that consumers prefer images taken from a mobile device. Unless you are an expert, it is difficult to realize much of an advantage from a DSLR camera. The latest iPhones, Samsung Galaxys, and Google Pixels take much of the guesswork out of the process. That leaves you with crisp, clear images that will wow your most discerning customer.

Capture App

The Car360 Capture application streamlines and organizes the entire imagery process. From this app, you are the director of your shoot. Capture 360° exterior and interior images, collect each required still photograph, and upload all images straight to the Car360 cloud. Car360 ensures consistent quality across your entire vehicle inventory.

Beautiful User Experiences

Our unique website integrations and digital workflows enable us to create an entirely new VDP experience for your customers. Each page looks like a custom OEM site. Your customers will have no idea how easy it is to provide such an amazing experience. Imagine your competitors trying to keep up without it! To create this custom website experience on your site, let us connect you with one of our partners.


Better Search Results & Higher Customer Satisfaction for Less Money

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Improve Your Vehicle Marketing

Car360's 360° interactive images provide a much more effective site experience than traditional car photos and videos while also improving your brand. They allow your customers to interact with more of your inventory in less time, making them more likely to stay on your site and find the perfect car. Combined with standard publishable .jpeg images and .mp4 videos, Car360 streamlines the car merchandising process to a consistent and manageable workflow.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Providing all relevant data and imagery to a customer in an immersive experience immediately after page load is an excellent way to increase your shoppers' satisfaction with your website. Your site is one of many that each shopper will engage with while searching for their next vehicle. Providing them with a superior experience is a key way to get them to commit to your business vs. a competitor's.