Changing the way your dealership captures & tells a car’s story.

360° Interior & Exterior Spins that Scale for Your Dealership


3D Reconstruction

3D reconstruction matters for your inventory marketing. Without the advanced computational methods built into the Car360 platform, a dealership would need expensive gimbals, studios and/or a turntable to capture smooth 360° imagery that anyone actually wants to engage with. With Car360, your in-house photographer or lot service provider need only walk around the vehicle. Our platform builds a 3D model of the vehicle and stabilizes the 360° spin to smooth perfection.


Augmented Viewing Experience

When looking at inventory, your customers want to see more than just images. They want to see a vehicle’s crash ratings, performance specs, ownership records, and more. Why not let them see all of that data within the viewing experience, rather than forcing them to scroll down? With Car360’s viewer framework, you can highlight key selling features, etc. It’s augmented reality brought to life for your dealership. This is true interactive vehicle imagery.

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Custom Workflows in the Car360 App

Image consistency and quality are two of the most important factors when marketing your inventory. Old school photoguides are too inconvenient and thus ineffective, but Car360 workflows are real time guides providing direction, instructions, and examples at the photographer’s fingertips. Changing photographers is not a problem. You will never be able to tell a difference. Using Car360, your photographers will generate consistent, high quality imagery.


Interior & Exterior 360 Captures

Your dealership can capture both interior & exterior car spins through the Car360 mobile application. Allow your car buyers to walk around each vehicle and toggle between doors open, doors closed, and interior shots with a click of a button.


Hi-Res Photography

In side-by-side comparisons, device-based imagery is often preferred by car buyers. Car360 generates multiple versions of each image and serves them dynamically to your shoppers depending on bandwidth and device type. This ensures that every vehicle is presented to your customers quickly and in the highest quality available. Look around. Every vehicle photo you see on this website was taken on a mobile device.


Videos, Hotspots, & Callouts

Images alone aren’t enough for today’s inquisitive car buyer. Overlay your interactive imagery with hotspots, callouts and embedded videos. Feature key selling points, vehicle damage or pricing data. Make every visit to a VDP meaningful and engaging. All of this is intuitive and easily managed in the Car360 app.

Data Integration


Integrate key data elements directly into the shopping experience with the Car360 Viewer Framework. Display pricing information, vehicle history data, safety & performance ratings, etc., all directly within the viewing experience. Dealers can capitalize on the power of AR directly on their own websites. Behind the scenes, Car360 is managing these integrations to seamlessly generate this premium viewing experience on the imagery you and your team create.