Whether you need imagery for vehicle grounding, inspection or remarketing, Car360 gives you the whole picture.

Vehicle Inspection Redesigned


3D Reconstruction

Still images only explain so much about a vehicle. Depth of field, scope, and detail are often lost. The Car360 3D reconstruction process enables you to capture the full picture of a vehicle. With that capture, you can zoom, change axis of rotation, and add notes and close up images.

audi-AR-750x280 (1)

Interactive Vehicle Photography

Is that a dent or dirt? Is the suspension level? These questions are hard to answer when looking at still vehicle inspection photos alone. Car360 interactive images give you the true perspective you need to make decisions. Your inspectors have the opportunity to call out key points on the vehicle and demonstrate both good and bad elements from multiple angles.

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Specific Inspection Guides in the Car360 App


Each photo process is easily codified and available to the inspector each and every time they receive a car off lease, image a vehicle before auction, or inspect a car for a customer far away. Example images, instructions, augmented scene guides, and instant review features in Car360’s workflow management system make sure every image is taken correctly every time.


Interior & Exterior 360 Captures

Document both the inside and outside condition of each vehicle at the time of inspection. The Car360 app enables both interior and exterior interactive 360° images. Add custom hotspots, detail images, and more to make each capture even more valuable.


Hi-Res Photography

When compared side-by-side, device-based imagery is often better than DSLR car photos. Not only are the images better, but the added upload, review, and customization features are incomparable. Need proof? Look around. Every vehicle photo you see on this website was taken on a mobile device.


Videos, Hotspots, & Callouts

One streamlined process generates 360° interactive images, standard still pictures and .mp4 videos. Overlay your interactive imagery with hotspots, callouts and embedded videos. Highlight key features, vehicle damage or ownership data directly alongside the relevant photos.

Agile Integrations


Integrate key inventory and imagery systems to the Car360 cloud. Access, edit, and publish imagery across the many platforms necessary to run your business. Powerful SDK and developer platforms are available to help the best enterprise inspection businesses create something truly customizable.