Changing the way companies capture and tell a car's story.


Vehicle Imagery for the Future

The Car360 solution makes it simple for businesses to incorporate relevant content visually within web- and app-based user experiences, while making it possible for the user to control their own navigation and consumption of information.

Ultimately, Car360 enables companies to sell even more - and reduce costs even further - than photos, videos, and 360 images ever enabled.

Unlike other 360° spin systems, Car360 leverages 3D modeling, scene recognition, and sensor fusion to deliver interactive, data-enhanced consumer experiences that reflect positively on brands while delivering faster turn times and higher CSAT.

Our Team

The Car360 Inc. team is excitedly transforming the way a vehicle’s story is captured and told. Our talented and dynamic team includes experts in the automotive industry, leading figures in computer vision, and top engineers from across the globe.

Company Timeline

  • 2011

    Bruno Francois launches Egos Ventures

  • 2012

    Cycloramic, Bruno's first app, becomes the #1 app in the app store with over 20M downloads

  • 2013

    Bruno appears on Shark Tank and closes a funding round with Mark Cuban

  • 2015

    Bruno pivots company direction toward augmented vehicle imagery

  • 2016

    Car360 goes live

  • 2017

    John Hanger joins as CEO

    Car360 closes $3.55m Series A round

Have What It Takes?

Car360 celebrates diversity. We hail from 7 different countries, speak a multitude of languages, and follow a variety of different spiritual traditions. This makes us a unique, dynamic, and creative team. We like it that way.

Car360 practices excellence. We have a commitment to our customers and to ourselves to perform at the highest caliber. Good is not good enough when excellence is expected.

Car360 values loyalty. We are loyal to our customers, to our partners and to each other. Loyalty builds trust.

Car360 is progressive. We aren’t afraid to break things on the the way to the next big accomplishment. We could play it safe and keep old things running smoothly, but we believe it is our duty to our current and future customers to be one step ahead of where they need to be.

If Car360 sounds like the type of team you want to help develop, let us know.