Engage Shoppers Using AR

Augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and machine learning are some of the greatest technology advances on the horizon. They are so new and dynamic that many automotive businesses today struggle with practical applications.

Car360 is one of the first commercially available applications of AR and machine learning technology in the automotive retail industry.

Technology advances in 3D modeling, scene recognition, sensor fusion, and more have made these advanced systems available in ways that drive value for both automotive retail and inspection businesses.

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Rethink Your VDP

Who says a VDP page must have separate sections for pictures, pricing, and option/package data? Certainly not your shoppers, who prefer a more engaging, quick-and-easy-to-get-the-info-I-want experience! Consider using the Car360 Viewer Framework to create a new VDP where everything is above the fold, layered atop the vehicle imagery.

Get started with the next level of vehicle imagery today!