Automated Background Blurring, powered by the Car360 Machine-Learning engine


How Does It Work?

Car360 knows what a car is. Therefore, it can look at any image, or collection of images, and pick out the car. Not only that, it can manipulate parts of the image while leaving the car alone. Have multiple cars in a photo? Not a problem. Car360 can tell which car is supposed to be in focus and can blur out the others. What’s even better is that Car360 uses a machine-learning AI engine, meaning it runs on powerful computers, not overseas labor. We pass the savings on to you.

Make the Car the Star

Not every dealer group can afford a 1/2 million dollar photo studio to capture vehicle imagery. You may not guess this, but in some comparisons, car buyers said they prefer to see the car in a real environment. Those studios can make a car look fake! In order to show the customer a car is real, you should show them a little bit of the environment, but you also want to make the car the star! Do both with Car360 image backgrounding. Take it for a test drive today.