Car360, Inc. Releases Dealer Self-Service 3D Car Imaging App

March 22, 2018 – Car360, Inc., whose technology is changing the way companies capture and tell a car’s story, today released a new version of its app that dealerships may use to capture both 2D and 3D images of cars.  The Car360 Dealer App is optimized for dealerships that take their own photos and works hand-in-hand with the cloud and viewer components of the Car360 platform that makes possible “virtual car presentations” on a dealership’s website.

“Virtual car presentations will become the new standard in automotive imagery.” says John Hanger, CEO of Car360, Inc. “Displaying 2D photos of a car has defined the experience on dealership websites since their inception.  Dealerships can now deliver a far superior website experience that reflects positively on their brand by giving car shoppers what they desire – a 3D virtual car presentation – and it all starts with capturing more powerful photos using the Car360 Dealer App.”

For dealerships that demand the best quality and consistency in their car imagery, the Car360 Dealer App delivers advanced features that professional photographers embrace, while simultaneously providing a simple and easy-to-learn mode for non-professionals.  Uniquely, the Car360 app captures both 2D photos and the 3D data necessary to enable virtual car presentations. The 3D data capture is automatic and requires no additional effort on the part of the person taking photos.

On a dealership website that features Car360 virtual car presentations, car buyers can smoothly rotate a car 360 degrees to explore both the exterior and interior, interact with still images and access rich data elements within the imagery that, historically, were located in text fields somewhere below the fold of the page.   

Making it quick and easy for website visitors to find what they want to see on a car, and proactively surfacing and presenting selling points, are both essential to a great website experience.    

Car360 will be in booth #254N at NADA in Las Vegas from March 22-25.


Car360, Inc. is the innovation leader in virtual car presentation software. Serving auto dealer groups, Car360 has created a new standard for inventory marketing and brand experience.  Seamlessly integrated with a dealership website, Car360 combines traditional car photography with 360° interactive imagery and annotated VIN data. Captured on a mobile device and viewable on any device, Car360 is one of the first commercially available uses of 3D computer vision, machine learning, and augmented reality technology for the automotive industry. Visit to learn more.

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