Car360, Inc. Releases Viewer Framework for Developers of Digital Retailing Platforms

Car360, Inc. Releases Viewer Framework for Developers of Digital Retailing Platforms

March 24, 2018 – Car360, Inc., whose technology is changing the way companies capture and tell a car’s story, today released a new product called the Viewer Framework.   Digital retailing is an important trend in automotive retail and is key to moving more of the retail transaction online is providing shoppers with new and better ways to interact with, learn about, and ultimately connect with a car.  The Car360 Viewer Framework represents a major advancement in that regard, and developers of digital retailing platforms will benefit greatly from using it.

Unlike iframe-based 360 degree viewers that simply replace existing still photo galleries on a vehicle detail page (VDP), the Car360 Viewer Framework empowers website developers to create highly customized and differentiated user experiences featuring interactive virtual car presentations.

“Traditional photo stitching and 2D car spins had a place while technology caught up with what today’s car buyers want,” says John Hanger, President & CEO of Car360, Inc. “But now we can harness the 3D data gathered in today’s mobile devices and marry it with VIN-level vehicle-specific data, creating a more powerful,  information-rich, immersive experience through which a car buyer can participate directly with each element of a vehicle. It’s more like being on the dealership lot…from your computer or device.”

The Car360 Viewer Framework works hand-in-hand with the cloud and app components of the Car360 platform.  

Car360 will be at booth #254N at NADA in Las Vegas from March 22-25.

Preview the Car360 Viewer Framework here.


Car360, Inc. is the innovation leader in virtual car presentation software. Serving auto dealer groups, Car360 has created a new standard for inventory marketing and brand experience.  Seamlessly integrated with a dealership website, Car360 combines traditional car photography with 360° interactive imagery and annotated VIN data. Captured on a mobile device and viewable on any device, Car360 is one of the first commercially available uses of 3D computer vision, machine learning, and augmented reality technology for the automotive industry. Visit to learn more.

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