Car360 Team Captains

The Car360 Inc. team is rapidly transforming the way a car’s story is captured and told. Our talented and dynamic team includes experts in the automotive industry, leading figures in computer vision and top engineers from across the globe.

On occasion, we will profile members of our team so you can gain an appreciation for the people behind the product. Leading Team Car360’s charge on this mission are our fearless captains: John Hanger and Bruno Francois.

We thought you might like to get to know them a bit better.

Bruno, our founder and head of product, started creating Apps and hammering out code in his basement with his genius coding counterpart. Think that sounds too startuppy? It’s the truth! Although, he didn’t start with Car360. Bruno’s first successful app was called Cycloramic. it was voted the “Brightest Idea of 2012” by The New York Times and was endorsed by Steve Wozniak who called it “”Unexpected, fanciful, and useful all at the same time!”.

This app was so successful, it boasted 20 million downloads, was number one for weeks on the App Store and landed him a spot (and a following investment) on the NBC show, Shark Tank.

Bruno leveraged that success to ramp what he learned with Cycloramic into a platform that was business-oriented, rather than consumer-oriented and could truly add value to an ecosystem. That effort bore Car360. Before terms like augmented reality, computer vision, and machine learning were dominating headlines and generating buzz, Bruno was laying the groundwork for one of the first commercial solutions that leverages those technologies to change an industry.

Originally from Corsica, Bruno is characteristic of most immigrant entrepreneurs in that he is tremendously inventive and has a tenacious work ethic. Bruno’s vision for Car360 is to revolutionize the way people interact with vehicles online and he is hard at work making that vision reality.

What is the favorite car you’ve owned?

Tesla P90D

If you could blend two cars together to make the perfect car, what would those two be?

Performance of the Tesla P90D with the look of the Porsche 911.

Do you like electric cars?

For performance yes, not yet for design, getting there soon hopefully.

What living person is your hero?

I don’t have a specific one for everything, I have many for different things.

If you could live on Mars in the first settled colony, would you go?


What are the most disruptive technologies you see on the horizon (or existing)?

Deep Learning, Augmented Reality

What movie should every person see?

Interstellar, if you have a daughter.


Our CEO and other team captain is John Hanger. John brings a wealth of automotive and entrepreneurial experience to Car360. In fact, Car360 is John’s 6th startup project. Although he won’t admit it, John’s skills go far beyond the business and leadership qualities seen in many early stage CEOs. Born and raised in Montana, John had the classic western American childhood, complete with swimming in ice cold rivers, fixing old trucks and climbing the mountains in summer. A track athlete and equipped with an academic mind, John studied engineering and threw javelin at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, one of the top ranked undergraduate engineering schools in the USA.

John understands the value of hard work and relationships in the automotive space. Automotive dealers inspire him. Many of them are generational entrepreneurs who are working hard to provide for their families, offer opportunities to their employees and improve their communities. Those are values that John himself holds in high regard.

As an avid photographer in his youth, and with an applied optics minor in college, John is especially captivated by the advanced capabilities within the Car360 suite. As we capture 3D models of vehicles on a tiny device, he remembers the days, not that long ago, when he was developing film in a dark room! Times change!

Having been in the industry for years, John sees how the automotive industry is changing rapidly. His passion for Car360 is driven by the fact that this technology will help the industry better visualize vehicle information – imagery, data, and other media all in one highly interactive user experience.

What is the favorite car you’ve owned?

1992 Mazda RX7

If you could blend two cars together to make the perfect car, what would those two be?

Fisker Karma and Corvette (a company called VLF actually did it…called the Destino!) {editor’s note: this car is a real thing! Check it out here.}

Thoughts on electric cars?

Cool, but I miss the growl of an engine.

What living person is your hero?

My wife, Jennifer, who is a two-time cancer survivor, awesome Mom, and love of my life.

If you could live on Mars in the first settled colony, would you go?

No thanks.

What are the most disruptive technologies you see on the horizon (or existing)?


What book should every business person read?

Sorry, no time to read books other than my daily time in the Bible.

What movie should every person see?


That’s it for today! Check back often to stay up to date on the latest from Car360.

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