Finally, you get the whole picture.

Collision & Claims Inspections Reimagined


3D Reconstruction

Complicated angles, uncontrollable lighting, and user error make user generated accident images challenging to process or use efficiently. Car360 will help your insurance carrier or repair business finally capture and see the whole story. We will reconstruct the situation using scene recognition, spatial imagery, 3D modeling, and sensor fusion to literally provide a 360° view of the situation.


User-Friendly Design

SDK integration, custom workflows, and step-by-step instructions make the Car360 app or integrated system effortless for users. Whether capturing a vehicle after undergoing an accident, for appraisal or for body shop repair estimates, the Car360 imagery system walks each user through the entire process, no training required. Car insurance is a challenging business. Let’s make it easier.

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Seemless workflow for accident victims or appraisers

Imaging a vehicle shortly after participating in a car accident is a tough proposition, but it’s worth it! Onscreen instructions, AR overlays, and instant review ensure that a user can quickly and easily capture the situation. This leads to faster appraisal times and a faster turnaround time for each customer. The same key elements are available for insurance appraisers both onsite or those reviewing the imagery remotely.


360° Collision Spins

360°, 90°, 187° doesn’t matter. Capture the elements that are most important. In fact, take multiple captures including different elements if you wish. Car360 will combine 360° spins, partial captures, and still images into one viewing experience. Your team can review the entire scene in one window.


Hi-Res Photography

Phone-based photography (phoneography) is rivaling that of traditional DSLR photography. Increasingly, the images from mobile devices are as good, if not better, than standard photos. Use Car360 to capture crystal clear imagery from any device. Need proof? Look around. Every image on this website was taken with a mobile device.


Receipt & Delivery Records

Document the status of a vehicle when it enters a body shop and when it leaves. Remove any doubt about what happened in an accident or afterwards. Save money, time, and hassle by capturing each vehicle along the stages during the process. Everyone benefits by seeing the whole picture.

Enterprise Proven SDK


Generate, edit, and publish imagery across the many platforms necessary for your business. Access powerful SDK and developer platforms to build a bespoke experience for each user type. Car360 connects seamlessly with the systems you already have in place and provides a fast way to revolutionize your imagery process. It’s a product insurance companies and their customers will both love. That’s a win-win.